Top Five Destinations That are Best Known for Rafting

There are certain fun activities that we try only after figuring out that they are really fun to do. We are going to talk about one such activity which is called rafting. We know not how many of you have tried out river rafting, but this is one of the coolest sporting activities that you can engage you in. Whitewater rafting is also known as river rafting. We will tell you what river rafting is and once you have fallen in love with it, we will also let you know some of the finest destinations for white water rafting in the world.

Rafting is nothing but a recreational activity. The riders use an inflatable raft that is used in any water body. The rafts and the paddles are of different types. They differ depending on where, when and how they are used. There is also a governing body that takes care of rafting activities, which is called the ‘International Rafting Federation.’

So now you should know what whitewater is. You might probably understand the term better if I tell you that whitewater is nothing but the international scale of river difficulty. There are various techniques with which the difficulty of the river can be found. Depending on the difficulty of the water body, rafting differs. So you call a water body whitewater if the flow is fast and the water body is at the same time shallow

Whitewater rafting is one of the craziest things that you can ever involve yourself in. So here are the top five destinations that are best known for rafting:

Franklin River:

Franklin River is located on the outskirts of Tasmania. Today it is no wonder that it is the best destination for rafting but when the destination was first found, people least expected what this place is capable of.  Long years of conservation have kept this place intact and tidy, both safe and clean for visitors to come and have the fun of their lives.

Magpie River:

Magpie River is located in Canada. Magpie is more of a lake. You need at least a week to enjoy the magnificence of this place thoroughly. However, it is not one of the coolest places for beginners to set their rafts into. The first few tides are easy, but as you go deep, the whitewater shows its terrific side. But if you are an experienced person, you will never forget the thrill and rush that this place gives you.

Futaleufu River:

Located in Chile, South America, it is one of the best-known places for rafting. It has been the sweet spot of almost all experienced rafters. There are a lot of V-sections in the water body which makes the ride quite tricky and fun It is worth spending a couple of days here, and this experience is going to be downright unforgettable.

Alsek River:

Alsek River begins in Columbia but the flow reaches the crescendo and ends in Alaska, and for the same reason it makes this water body in Alaska the best place for rafting. The place is filled with a lot of glaciers and icebergs that are a treat to your eyes.  You will also have the best experience here as far as wildlife is concerned. So this place will make your day.

Middle Fork, Salmon River:

Middle Fork is a portion of the Salmon River that is located in the central portion of Idaho. Idaho is located in the Northwestern United States. Middle Fork is 104 miles long, and this specific portion is the best place for rafting. Be it the scenery or the wildlife, Idaho is the best place to experience it.