Kayaking for Beginners: Top 3 Tips

Most kids learn cycling as their first sport because of how easy it is to learn. Essentially all you need to know to pick up cycling is a sense of balance and with training wheels that is a walk in the park or should we say easy as cycling in the park. What cycling is on the land is what kayaking is on water. Kayaking essentially requires a good sense of balance on water, and soon you’ll be like a fish in water, manoeuvring through the streams with ease. Unlike cycling, kayaking does involve a tad bit more intricacy and to help you start out we’ve come up with certain essential tips to help you out.

1. A Tutor

Kayaking isn’t as simple as riding the bike, although we did mention that it is. We did not lie but neither did we go over all the facts. Your dad or mum could essentially teach you how to cycle because they either know how to cycle or at the very least understand the basics of cycling. But kayaking would require a professional to teach or rather someone who has been kayaking for a while. The only reason we recommend a tutor is because most people don’t know how to and unlike cycling, kayaking is not so popular that your mum or dad would know how to, but if they do know how to, then, by all means, learn from them

2. Purpose over Pleasure

Always dress for the occasion and not for the weather. That right there is words of wisdom but let us explain why we believe you shouldn’t wear something appropriate for the weather. Say the weather out there is so pleasant that you choose to wear shorts instead of kayaking gear; unless you’re a pro, there is the likelihood that you might end up getting lopsided and wet. Kayaking gear would be ideal as it is water resistant and would surely protect you from getting wet.

3. Choices

The minute you walk into a kayak showroom, you will be flooded with choices. And believe us when we say this, you’re choices define everything. If you walk into a reputed water-sports showroom, you’d be guided with the utmost care. And we can’t stress enough about how important this is. When you’re starting out, you need to get a boat that checks all the right boxes. A good showroom will also throw in buoyancy aids, which at the end of the day will make all the difference.

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